Saturday, 29 January 2011

Looking back over the past few months, I feel that converting Carnival of Souls 3D was like an apprenticeship and hopefully everything that I learnt from that experience, both good and bad, will be put to good use during this project. I am hoping to make this "House" conversion far superior to my first effort. There will be a different approach. Primarily, I am going to use the 3D version of "House of Wax" (also starring Vincent Price) as a blueprint for the level of parallax and 3D depth that I want to achieve. "House on Haunted Hill", similarily to "House of Wax" has several scenes set within spacious rooms and deep receding coridoors. I am hoping to achieve, or at least get close to, the same level of 3D depth that can be seen in the Waxwork museum scenes which look great. I don't feel like I quite achieved that level of depth with "Carnival" apart from maybe a dozen or so standout scenes that worked really nicely. That may have been down to a number of lack of experience, limitations of the software or the fact that I took short cuts to save time. This time round I am determined to improve things. I will be doing more test scenes on "Haunted" and before I start creating the final animated depth maps, I intend to quality test the 3D effect of each scene first and make sure it looks as good as it can. I will be spending more time on trying to position the characters and objects within their own unique stereo window to get that desired layered depth. "House of Wax" has a wonderful look to it and each object is very clearly positioned to give a great sense of space. It looks excellent in 3D. I hope "Haunted" will match it in some way.

Go to my "Storyboard" pages to read regular progress reports and to see sample 3D pictures.

Please support this project by buying Carnival of Souls 3D. Customers who buy it may be eligible for a discount on "House on Haunted Hill 3D" once it is completed. Thank you

(Please bear in mind that all 3D images found here represent just one frame of thousands that have been converted)


  1. Hey!
    You are doing great on these conversions :D
    I do a lot of this my self
    But I thought I would give you a tip. I use GIMP, but Photoshop is extremely similar. When you are displacing the image into the depth map, click the "smear" button, it gets rid of that huge cyan slab on the side of the image above. Keep up the good work, and if you can, give me some feedback?


  2. Hi Colby, thanks for the compliments and
    yes I need to change that picture. It was a rushed test upload. The smear at the top of the photo is actually as a result of a rushed "autocolour" in StereoPhoto Maker, which showed the smear up. I don't use Photoshop for the conversion process.
    Incidentally, your link doesn't work.