3D Tests

As the conversion progresses, I shall be putting up some samples on this page and others.....these samples are not necessarily the final versions and are presented in the inferior anaglyph format, which may exhibit some ghosting artifacts. The final movie will be available in the superior side by side format.

(Please bear in mind that the 3D images found here represent just one frame of thousands that have to be converted)

This sample frame (below) represents the blueprint 3D shot for the whole film. In this sample, I used House of Wax 3D and Amityville Horror 3D as references for the type of 3D depth that I want to achieve. A level that looks closest to native 3D.

House on Haunted Hill 3D

As I progress with the storyboarded conversion, from time to time I will do tests for later scenes. This is done in order to develop and master the "look" and "depth" of the 3D for the whole film. I really want to establish the same kind of 3D depth that was used in "House of Wax"(1953). To achieve this, several tests have to be done as the conversion software is very temperamental when the parallax and depth map contrast ratio are increased. These scenes have been set at a parallax of 40.

I spent several hours working out a method that would be reasonably fast and have good depth, especially for the basement shots. I finally settled on a method that works well for the following reasons 1) It is a reasonably quick method 2) A good sense of depth is achieved 3) The conversion software responds well to this method and creates a clean second view at a quick conversion speed. Time is important when converting around 140,000 frames

                This is a test shot illustrating the type of 3D depth that I want for the film

Please note, the anaglyph stills contain ghosting that is not evident in the original side by side version. This ghosting occurs during the compression process when an anaglyph is created from the side by side version.