Storyboard Three (completed)

Scene 01.....COMPLETED
Scene 02.....COMPLETED
Scene 03.....COMPLETED

House on Haunted Hill 3D

Lance Schroeder sees that the chandelier is about to fall

Scene 04.....COMPLETED

Scene 05.....COMPLETED

House on Haunted Hill 3D

Lance and Nora embrace after the chandelier falls

Scene 06.....COMPLETED
Scene 07.....COMPLETED

Scene 08.....COMPLETED

House on Haunted Hill 3D

Frederick Loren watches from the Balcony

Scene 09.....COMPLETED

Storyboard 3 Scene 09

Fredrick Loren walks down the corridor giving a nice sense of the 3D depth

Scene 10.......COMPLETED (finally, after several weeks)

Wow....scene 10 is 2020 frames long (1:07 mins in duration). This scene is a real challenge and will take a long time to do. So far I have completed about a third of it which has involved having to match and move five seperate elements at any one time. It's a very difficult scene to convert.  Fortunately, panning and tracking back scenes like this don't happen all the time. If they did, the film would take way too long to convert. Here's one snapshot (frame 590) from the scene.

Scene 11.....COMPLETED
Scene 12.....COMPLETED
Scene 13.....COMPLETED
Scene 14.....COMPLETED
Scene 15.....COMPLETED

Scene 16.....COMPLETED

Frederick and Annabelle have a "friendly" chat.

Frederick and Annabelle have a "friendly" chat.

Scene 17.....COMPLETED

Storyboard 3 Scene 17

Annabelle walks back and forth from Fredrick giving us a nice sense of 3D depth
Scene 18.....COMPLETED
Scene 19.....COMPLETED
Scene 20.....COMPLETED

Storyboard Three is finally completed.